Lotus Lane Makeup Remover Pads


Our Lotus Lane Makeup Remover Pads are made from a blend of bamboo and cotton fiber making them super soft and ideal for any skin type. These handy alternatives are perfect to keep in your bathroom or wash bag to remove makeup and cleanse your skin at the end of the day. Due to the natural and gentle fabrics they are even kinder to your skin than their disposable counterparts.

One set contains 5 Cotton pads.

Each set is handmade so sizes/shape may vary slightly.

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Our Lotus Lane Makeup remover pads are a perfect eco friendly alternative to makeup wipes which contain harsh chemicals and plastics. Our cotton pads are handmade using 100% cotton and bamboo blend, even the thread is 100% cotton. These can be reused and we recommend to rinse each pad after use and allow them to air dry, when ready put them in the washing machine or hand wash to be used again.

Each set contains 5pads which can be reused and when you feel you need a new set, simply cut the pads up and place in your home composter or food waste collection to naturally biodegrade.

Each set is handmade so sizes/shape may vary slightly.

Makeup Remover Pad Colour

Bee, Birds, Pink Floral, Purple Floral, White Floral, Yellow Polka Dot


  1. Christiane Holland

    I had some of these for Christmas and have found them lovely and soft to use & just the right size!

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